Promotional Product Popularity

on Oct 01, 2013 .

After a lengthy discussion this week with one of our customers who feels the time is now right to be a bit more creative with his marketing spend. I thought I would share some of the conversation in this blog.

We have all heard the forecast on how the economy is recovering, how house prices are increasing, how the unemployment figures are dropping and yes this is great news, but it has been a long time coming, we have had false dawns before and we don’t want to go mad just in case. Money still needs to be spent carefully and we need to get the biggest return we can on every penny.

As a company supplying promotional merchandise it won’t come as surprise how I suggested the budget needs to be spent. Let me explain to you the reasoning behind it. The most important thing we had to delivery is that our customer wants his phone to ring with good enquiries, which is probably typical of most businesses. We had to understand the number of customers he wanted to target and the budget he wanted to spend.

Using the latest data from the *BPMA which shows that the most popular promotional product to be found on a desk is a pen, followed by a branded Mug & then a calendar, which is then supported by the data that 47.1% of respondents most remember the advertising on the mug and the pen, while 36.7% remember the calendar and that reassuringly 88.1% have a least one product while 52.7% have 3 or more items. Promotional merchandise not only makes a customer feel appreciated it works as a constant reminder of who you are and how to get in contact with you.

Desk top items are such great value and it’s easy to understand why. We closed the deal and my client is now the proud owner of 500 mugs and his order for 2014 Calendars are on the way.

*BPMA surveyed 1000 respondents from a cross section of industries results published spring 2013

Last update: May 23, 2014