Promotional Calendars for 2013

on Nov 03, 2012 .

A promotional calendar for 2013 can be a great way of promoting your business to new and existing customers.

Having a promotional calendar printed for the new year is a very popular choice for people. As well as being a great form of advertising, promotional calendars are also very useful and therefore, very unlikely to end up spending the year in someone's drawer!

No matter how nice your calendar is, in reality it's never going to be kept for more than a year. However, during this time your calendar will be looked at by an untold number of people, almost every day of the week. Aiming for this kind of exposure with another form of advertising could use up your annual budget very quickly!

Piercing Glance offer a great range of wall and desk calendars for the upcoming new year, which are an ideal way of keeping your business in your customers mind and keeping your contact details to hand.

Order your 2013 promotional calendars today or call the Piercing Glance team for more information.

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