Christmas Countdown

on Oct 27, 2013 .

Well it’s that time of year. Every time the television is switched on, I’m being inundated with Christmas adverts, and it’s still a week before the end of October. I’m yet to enjoy the painful embarrassment of being dragged out on to the street by my little boy. Knocking on our neighbours doors to beg for sweets, or offer up extremely lame threats in the event his little plastic pumpkin bucket isn’t filled with chocolate. I try so hard throughout the year to bring him up well, and then on Halloween it all goes to pieces. On the upside it does give me an opportunity to say “hello” to our neighbours that I haven’t seen since last year. I must make more effort, but then it hits me. The neighbours yes I fail with, dreadfully. But I am in the Promotional Merchandise game. It’s my job to speak and call on my customers. If I don’t recognise how important it is to keep in contact and ensure my brand is constantly in front of potential customers, what hope is there?

This brings me to what is a very good client, we only started trading this year. He had lost the number of his previous supply for T-shirts and clothing that he gives to his drivers as uniforms. My lucky day. I called him, he wanted something I could provide, and it was just easier for him to deal with me than dig out old invoices or look for the calling card, which could be anywhere. From there he has given me all his promotional spend and his customer’s desks are full of pens, Mugs rulers and note pads. He assures me that his sales team never go out empty handed, they always take in a little sweetener, this month its branded sweets all in the shapes of skulls and skeletons ghosts and ghouls. He tells me it makes his clients smile, then they spend just a bit more.

It’s the old story if you’re not speaking to your client’s, maybe someone else is. With a small amount of spend it’s very easy to keep you name in front of your customer. Things don’t have to be complicated and expensive to work. In fact easy and to uncomplicated is a very good starting point.

So by the time I write again I will have been totally embarrassed and my little boy will be at least half a stone heavier. But the big question is - will you have put your name in front of a new and potentially important customer?

Last update: May 23, 2014