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on Mar 18, 2014 .

Apart from who do you think will win the Grand National this year the biggest subject currently being discussed is “How much are stamps going up?” There does seem to be a bit of confusion. So after some research. Here’s what’s happening.

The prices take effect from Monday 31st March 2014.

First Class will increase by 2p, while 2nd increases by 3p

Type of Post Existing Price New Price from 31st March 1st Class stamp 60p 62p 2nd Class stamp 50p 53p 1st Class (large...

on Oct 27, 2013 .

Well it’s that time of year. Every time the television is switched on, I’m being inundated with Christmas adverts, and it’s still a week before the end of October. I’m yet to enjoy the painful embarrassment of being dragged out on to the street by my little boy. Knocking on our neighbours doors to beg for sweets, or offer up extremely lame threats in the event his little plastic pumpkin bucket isn’t filled with chocolate. I try so hard throughout the year to bring him up well, and then on Halloween it all goes to pieces. On the upside it does give me an opportunity to say “hello” to our neighbours that I haven’t seen...

on Oct 01, 2013 .

After a lengthy discussion this week with one of our customers who feels the time is now right to be a bit more creative with his marketing spend. I thought I would share some of the conversation in this blog.

We have all heard the forecast on how the economy is recovering, how house prices are increasing, how the unemployment figures are dropping and yes this is great news, but it has been a long time coming, we have had false dawns before and we don’t want to go mad just in case. Money still needs to be spent carefully and we need to get the biggest return we can on every penny.

As a company supplying promotional...